the inauguration of our Neighborhood took place on Sunday, February 28. We thank you all for coming and your listening to our work.
The next concert will be held this spring in our Eder Delin
see you soon

Interesting Links :

A Link to a video of Marein, found on his blog . Thanks a lot Marein 😉

a Videos from Makir a french Explorer from the Mystpedia Bevin . Thanks to Makir (Merci JoJo 😉


!Shorah B’Shemtee

5 March 2010

Welcome in the “D’ni Musicological Research Blog” . The blog of the neighborhood dedicated to the Archeo-Musicological research In D’ni Cavern.

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in section Bevin’s Members you will find all the names and occupations of the Members of Bevin

Listen music and research in the Music reconstitution page .  The Cannen factory is a part focalised on the instruments of D’ni

Fell you free to leave Comments or any Questions. We wish you a Nice visite